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Ed Levin Designs - Cambridge, New york

"The diversity and richness of the natural world - and all of the peoples who have inhabited it - will always inspire both art and jewelry. The connections are not necessarily direct or obvious...Nevertheless, our present is still connected to the earth forms and ancestor creations that abound and still touch us." -Ed Levin

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About the Artist

Ed Levin was an artist, craftsperson, jeweler, painter, sculptor, ceramist, and inventor of machines, tools, and processes to enhance creativity in jewelry-making. He founded Ed Levin Jewelry in 1950 in New York, making jewelry on the stove top of his New York City apartment.


Ed Levin Jewelry (Now EL Designs) is now considered a pioneer of the craft-jewelry industry and has become the oldest and largest hand-crafted Jewelry manufacturer in the United States. It is based in Cambridge, NY.

"His particular genius is that he made the transition from craftsman to manufacturer with little or no compromise in the freedom and spontaneity of design that is the mark of the craft product."

Paul Lobel


"When Ed started the company, this type of jewelry really didn’t exist. At the time, it was either fine jewelry or custom jewelry. Designer or art jewelry was in its infancy."

Peter Tonjes


"If I give a piece of Ed Levin jewelry as a gift today, I know that person will be wearing it 20 years from now. It just doesn’t go out of style. It has classic appeal.”

Marianne De'Allaird


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