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Peàn Doubulyu Glass is temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19.
It is impossible to blow art glass as a team where everyone shares blowpipes and tools and needs to work in close proximity. We look forward to offering this beautiful glassware in the not too distant future where life returns to normal!
Thanks for your understanding! 
Peàn Doubulyu is a partnership started in 1981 by Elizabeth Pannell and James Watkins. If you pronounce the initials of their last names (P&W), you'll also be pronouncing the name of their company. Both Liz and Jim are graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design and they are one creative pair. They design and create some of the most funky and interesting glassware you'll ever find. All of it is functional and highly decorative with bold contrasting colors and undulating, textured forms. The result is a combination of visual and tactile elements which Watkins refers to as “Nouvelle Mexican”. Tumblers are dishwasher safe. We recommend hand washing goblets and larger pieces.

Pean Doubulyu

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