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Ed Levin Earrings are all hand-crafted. These beautiful designs use the highest quality sterling silver, gold and gemstones. On the pages below you will find many designs including hoops, dangles and button. The Classic Design Earrings feature items that have been in the Ed Levin line for over 20 years and are still popular. New designs are added every few months so be sure to check our earring collection often. Also, if you have lost an Ed Levin Earring and need a replacement, Bumbley.com can handle that for you. The cost is half the price of a pair plus $15 shipping. For more info please email us at marcia@bumbley.com.

Ed Levin Earrings

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Allegro Earrings
From $ 210.00
Anticipation Earring
From $ 650.00
Aura Hoop Earrings
From $ 200.00
Be-Leaf Drop Earring
From $ 220.00
Be-Leaf Earring
From $ 330.00
Bindu Dangle Earring
From $ 485.00
Breezy Earrings
From $ 235.00
Bright Earrings
From $ 330.00
Button Earrings
From $ 235.00
Captivating Earrings
From $ 265.00