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Baabaazuzu - Lake Leelanau, Michigan


Each peice is made from 100% vintage materials, reclaimed and transformed into a beautiful wearable.

One of a Kind Gifts

No two pieces of Baabaazuzu are ever alike. Every piece is an inspired original. Just like the person who wears it.

Made in the USA

Baabaazuzu is an eco-fashion house based in Lake Leelanau, Michigan.

About Baabaazuzu

It all started when Sue Burn's husband shrank her favorite sweater! Rather than throwing it away, Sue got out her sewing machine and got to work. She loved the result and never looked back. We love supporting this eco-friendly Michigan business. Sue, and 13 other artists lovingly create these one of a kind peices from upcycled wool. No two peices are alike, they are as original as you and me!